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LR&M Bail Bonds of Raleigh, NC is the CLOSEST Bail Agency to the Wake County Jail. Just look for our billboard!! Call us today at (919) 755-1230 or (919) 612-8611 to speak with a Bail Bonds Agent now!

Since 1981, L R & M Bail Bonds has served Raleigh, NC and strives to make the posting of bail for a loved one as painless as possible. Our knowledgeable bail agents are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have before, during, or after the process. The bail bonds industry can be overwhelming, therefore, we employ a professional staff who will streamline the process and make your wait time as short as possible. Our spacious lobby has TV, internet, restrooms and a friendly atmosphere.

At L R & M Bail Bonds, your case will be handled with the personal touch it deserves, while closely following all North Carolina state laws regarding bail bonds. Our experienced bail bond professionals will be glad to explain how bail works and guide you through the bail bonds process. Please contact us for more information!

Whether using our services or a competitor's, please refrain from meeting someone that claims to be a bondsman other than at his office. There should be no transactions place at any jail, parking lot, restaurants, or stores. There are scam artists in every profession. This is a professional industry and we pride ourselves on keeping it that way!!

How Bail Works

Our Bail Agency provides unmatched professionalism with over 30 years of Bail Bonds experience. This industry knowledge allows our Bail Agents to answer any and all questions about the bail bonds industry.

If you have never had to bail someone out of jail in North Carolina, you understandably might not know what a bail bond is and how the bail process works. Our experienced bail agents at L R & M Bail Bonds look forward to answering any more questions you may have. Keep reading for the basic information that you’ll need to know about how bail bonds works.

What is Bail?

Bail is some form of property given to a court to encourage the release of a defendant from jail. This ensures that the defendant returns to court for trial or they will forfeit the bail.

What is a Bail Bond?

If the defendant does not have the money or the assets to pay the full amount, they can utilize the services of a bail bond agent.

This money goes to the bail agent, who provides the bail bond. The bond acts as insurance that the defendant will show up for all court dates. If the defendant does not show for court, the bail agent then becomes responsible for the full bond amount.

What is Collateral?

Bail agencies may require collateral when writing a bail bond. Collateral can come in the form of property (homes, cars, etc.), investment accounts, or anything that has value. Collateral is used to cover the remaining amount of the required bail as extra assurance that the defendant will be present for their court dates. Collateral will be returned once the bail bond has been exonerated and the defendant has fulfilled all obligations.

Does the Bail Bond Amount Get Refunded After the Court Date?

No. The premium that is paid to the bail agency will not be returned because it is payment for the bail agent’s services.

Other Helpful Bail Tips

  • Make sure you are given itemized receipts for all charges.
  • Make sure you are given copies of all signed contracts and agreements.
  • If you finance or set up payments for any portion of your bond, make sure you understand the terms of the agreement prior to signing.
  • Make sure the bail agent you hire will be available after the bail bond has been posted. A professional bail agent will be there for you when you have questions during this process.
  • Be cautious of using someone who is soliciting bail while working out of a car or standing on a street corner. Make sure your business arrangement is with a reputable bail bonds company.

For more information about bail bonds, give us a call or contact us.


The bail bond resources listed below provide you with access to jail locations, inmate searches and other links that may be useful to you when dealing with a bail bond in North Carolina.

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